5.1: Violations and Fines

Failure to observe DU’s Vehicle Regulations may result in the imposition of penalties and fines.  Campus Safety personnel issue fines for parking violations and some moving violations.  The following is a list of finable violations and their amounts:


$50 Fines:

0001-No Permit Displayed


0002-Parked in Incorrect Area


0003-Parked in Restricted Area


0004-Parked in Fire Lane


0005-Parked in Reserved Space


0006-Parked over Two Spaces


0007-Expired Permit


0008-Expired Temporary Permit


0009-Permit Vehicle Parked in Visitor Parking


0010-Non-Permit Vehicle Parked Overnight


$350 Fines:

0011-Illegally Parked in Handicap Space


5.2: Paying Violation Fees

To pay a fine bring cash or a check payable to Dominican University to the Student Account Office in Lewis Hall. Students will no longer be billed for tickets on a monthly basis, but may have a hold placed on their accounts prohibiting them from registering for classes at the end of each semesters. Faculty and Staff may have unaddressed violation fees deducted from their payroll checks.

5.3: Appeal of Violation Fines
Those wishing to appeal a parking violation should submit a Support Center ticket online to Campus Safety. You will need your name and ticket number when submitting the appeal request, along with your defense statement.

5.4: Habitual Offenders

Students who have multiple unpaid parking citations may have their student account placed on hold. This action will not allow the student to add or drop classes, enroll in future classes or obtain a copy of their transcript until the fines are paid.  Further violations may result in the loss of driving privileges on campus.  Employees with multiple unpaid violation notices will be referred to Human Resources. Visitors who continue to violate DU’s Vehicle Regulations will be prohibited from driving and parking on campus.  


Pay Fines Here