4.1: Driving on Campus

All Illinois Vehicle Code sections regarding moving violations are applicable on DU property and will be enforced by the Department of Campus Safety and/or River Forest Police.  All persons operating a vehicle on campus are expected to observe the following rules of the road:


  • No vehicle operator shall disobey any control sign or roadway-marking while on DU campus.  
  • No driver of any vehicle shall fail to stop for a posted stop sign or barrier arm.  
  • No person shall operate a vehicle exceeding the posted speed limit on DU campus (10MPH).  In no case shall any vehicle be driven at a speed that is not safe for conditions of traffic, weather, and roadway conditions.  
  • Driving on a sidewalk or landscaped area of the university is not permitted.  No person shall drive any vehicle on DU property in a manner demonstrating a willful or wanton disregard for the safety of any person(s) or property. Persons driving in a reckless and unsafe manner risk losing their driving privileges on campus.  
  • No vehicle operator shall race a vehicle or cause the tires to break traction with the roadway surface (burnout) while on university property.  
  • Vehicle operators shall obey any order, signal, or direction of any police officer or Campus Safety personnel.
  • No vehicle operator shall operate or permit the operation of a radio or music player on campus that can be heard 50 feet or more outside the vehicle.  Usage of public announcement (PA) systems in vehicles is not permitted on campus without authorization.  
  • No vehicle operator shall drive on the wrong side of the roadway or enter the campus against the direction of traffic.
  • No vehicle operator shall overcome another moving vehicle travelling on campus.   
  • No vehicle operators shall overcome another vehicle or cart traveling in the same direction at intersections, blind spots, or at other unsafe locations.  
  • No vehicle operator shall carry cargo or equip a vehicle in a manner that is unsafe and/or out of compliance with state safety regulations and the Illinois Vehicle Code.
  • Vehicle operators must yield the right of way to any emergency vehicle displaying flashing emergency lights.   
  • Driving while under the influence of an alcoholic beverage and/or any drug will result in an automatic revocation of driving privileges on campus.

Violations involving students shall be referred to the Director of Campus Safety and/or the Office of Student Life for disciplinary action and, in addition to other sanctions, may result in the loss of driving and parking privileges on DU property.  Violations involving employees shall be referred to Human Resources.   

4.2: Traffic Collisions 

Any vehicle operator involved in a traffic collision on campus should contact the Department of Campus Safety.  It is the responsibilities of parties involved to exchange information before leaving the scene of the accident.  Failure to leave or exchange information in a collision is a misdemeanor if property damage is involved or a felony if there is injury. Leaving the scene of a collision without leaving or exchanging information may result in the suspension of driving privileges on campus. 
4.3: Utility Vehicles and Golf Carts

All university employees and students operating a utility or golf cart on campus must be certified through the Department of Campus Safety. Utility or golf carts not affiliated with university business or special events are not permitted on campus.  Persons operating carts in an unsafe manner risk having their cart-driving privileges revoked.