3.1: General Parking Rules

A vehicle is considered “parked” when it is stopped, with the motor running or shut off, whether occupied or not unless complying with a traffic order, signal, or device.  When parking a vehicle on campus, vehicle operators must abide by the University’s vehicle regulations, painted pavement markings, posted signs, and/or directions of a Campus Safety official. The following spaces are available on campus:


  • General Parking: Vehicles displaying a valid General Parking Permit or General Temp pass are permitted to park in the West Lot, Garage, Greenfield Lot, Sister’s Lot, and in designated areas in the East Lot. OR all areas highlighted in blue on the Main Campus parking map.


  • Main Campus Overnight Restricted: Vehicles displaying a valid Main Campus Overnight Restricted Pass must park in the identified section of the East Lot. OR the area highlighted in red on the Main Campus parking map. This pass is the only pass granting 24/7 privileges on campus, including overnight hours. Overnight hours are 2am-6am to mirror the Village of River Forest hours.


  • Priory Campus Restricted: Vehicles displaying a valid Priory Campus Restricted Pass may park inside the Priory Gate from 6am-2am. OR the area highlighted in green on the Priory Campus parking map.


  • Visitor Parking: Is designated in the “Visitors Circle” just south of Lewis Hall on Main Campus. Guests needing to park for more than two hours must bring an ID and their vehicle information to any Welcome and Information (WID) Desk, or the Campus Safety Office to obtain a pass. Individual departments may request a PDF temp pass in advance for their guests by submitting a Support Center ticket to Campus Safety online, at least 72 hours in advance. These temporary permits grant all privileges held by a General Parking Pass.
  • Reserved Parking Spaces: Dominican has a few reserved parking spaces on Main Campus for high-ranking university officials and special guests. These spaces are marked with individual signs.  Vehicles not authorized to park in these stalls risk citation and towing.
  • Handicapped Parking: Only vehicles displaying an official handicapped placard or license plate may park in handicapped stalls. Official placards or license plates are issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles.  University-issued Temporary Accessible Parking Permits may be issues with proper documentation and requests facilitated through the Disabilities Support Services Office.

3.2: Prohibited Parking Areas

Any vehicle parked in the following areas risk citation and/or tow at the owner’s expense:

  • In an unauthorized area on, in front of, or blocking sidewalks, loading zones, pedestrian crosswalks, evacuation routes, evacuation assembly areas, landscaped areas or building entrance/exit ways.  
  • In any way that obstructs visibility of a traffic sign or device. 
  • Within 15 feet of a fire hydrant.
  • Blocking traffic within an intersection or roadway or blocking parked vehicles.  
  • At painted curbs and lines, which are indications of restricted parking.  The following colors have been established:      
    • Red zone – indicates NO parking or stopping, whether the vehicle is attended or not, unless otherwise posted.
    • Blue space – indicates parking for vehicles with DMV-issued disabled placards or license plates only.
    • Yellow line or space – indicates loading zone for vehicles operators who are actively loading and unloading.  These spaces have a time limit of fifteen minutes.


  • For any length of time, exceeding the authorized time limit so marked in parking area.
  • In individually reserved spaces/parking slots, except by the person authorized to use the parking slot.
  • Anywhere other than a clearly marked parking space between two painted lines (double parked).
  • In Park District parking lot just west of the Priory Main Gate.
  • In the Fenwick lot just east of the Priory Main Gate.
  • Along the neighboring residential roadways in violation of Village ordinances. Those roadways are on public property and are not controlled by the University.

3.3: Temporary Accessible Parking 


Persons with temporary disabilities who need accessible parking accommodations can apply for a Temporary Accessible Parking Permit.  The applicant must be a student, faculty or staff member of the university and have registered their vehicle with the Department of Campus Safety. These requests must be made through the Disability Support Services Office and proper medical documentation must be provided. Persons who have been approved for accessible parking must understand that the Temporary Accessible Parking Permit does not allow parking in the following areas:

  • Fire Lanes and Red Zones
  • Sidewalks, roadways, or other pathways
  • Neighboring residential communities
  • Any normally prohibited areas


3.4: Control of University Roads and Parking Lots

DU reserves the right to close any campus parking area or roadway for purposes including but not limited to maintenance, construction, safety, and special events.  Vehicle operators are expected to obey permanently posted or temporary signs and not park/drive in a barricaded or closed-off area.  Vehicles found in violation are subject to being cited and/or impounded at the owner’s expense.  

3.5: Trailers and Oversized Vehicles

The University does not permit trailers, oversized vehicles, or recreational vehicles to be parked or stored on campus property without authorization from the Department of Campus
Safety.  An oversized vehicle is a vehicle that is too wide or too long to fit within a standard-sized parking space.  

3.6: Motorcycles, Mopeds, and Gas-powered Scooters 

Parking permits are not required for motorcycles, mopeds, and gas-powered scooters to park on campus. However, we encourage riders to register their vehicles with the Support Center in case of emergency. Motorcycles, mopeds, and other gas-powered scooters are only to be driven on roadways and shall not be driven on pedestrian walkways or landscaped areas.     

3.7: Extended-Period Parking and Vehicle Storage 

Non-resident students, staff or faculty are not permitted to store vehicles on campus during the academic year or during summer break without prior written approval from the Department of Campus Safety. Persons permitted to store a vehicle on campus must:


  • Possess and properly display a current university parking pass or parking pass for the duration of the storage period.
  • Provide the Department of Campus Safety with their contact information and the contact information of someone authorized to relocate their vehicle. 
  • Leave the car in the parking area designated by the Department of Campus Safety.


  • Must be leaving vehicle on campus to attend University sponsored events.


Vehicles stored on campus without authorization or not meeting the above requirements risk citation and/or removal at the owner’s expense.

3.8: Inoperable and Abandoned Vehicles

Inoperable vehicles may not be stored on campus without prior approval from the Department of Campus Safety.  Vehicles that are inoperable or are not properly registered with the DMV (no city sticker, plate sticker, etc) will be treated as abandoned after a period of 72 hours from their date of discovery.  Vehicles left on university property for more than 72 hours without a valid university pass or parking pass and/or approval to park will be treated as an abandoned vehicle.  Campus Safety personnel will attempt to contact owners of inoperable or abandoned vehicles.  If Campus Safety is unable to make contact with the vehicle owner, the vehicle may be removed at the owner’s expense.