1.1: Purpose

The purpose of Dominican University’s parking policy is to (1) facilitate safe and orderly vehicular movement on roadways and parking lots, (2) maximize parking efficiency for university business, (3) ensure equitable parking for students, employees, and visitors, and (4) promote safety on pedestrian pathways.

1.2: Operation and Possession of Vehicles on Campus

The operation and possession of any vehicle on the Dominican University (DU) campus is a privilege granted by the university.  The privilege to operate or park a vehicle on university property may be suspended by the university to preserve the safety of the campus community.  Vehicle operators are responsible to know, understand, and comply with DU’s Vehicle Regulations.  

All individuals who operate a vehicle on the DU campus agree to: 


  • Possess a current and valid driver license.
  • Keep the vehicle currently registered and insured in accordance with Illinois law.
  • Abide by the Illinois vehicle code and by the regulations of DU.
  • Pay all fines and fees resulting from violations of these regulations.

Unless stated otherwise by the university’s Vehicle Regulations, all provisions of the Illinois Vehicle Rules of the Road are applicable on the DU campus.  These provisions include, but are not limited to, observation of posted speed limits, traffic signs, and other traffic control devices; proper usage of seat belts; usage of cell phone or handheld devices while operating a vehicle; driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs; and yielding to pedestrians and cyclists.   

1.3: Liability

DU does not assume responsibility for theft, loss of property, or damage to vehicles on DU property.        

1.4: Authority to Tow

DU is considered private property, and The Department of Campus Safety may relocate or remove from campus any vehicle that is deemed abandoned, disabled or lacking major parts, or in violation of university parking policies. DU is not liable or responsible for towing charges or damages that may result from when a vehicle is towed from DU property.  The vehicle owner is responsible for all towing charges incurred.