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Terms and Conditions
  1. Up to 68 semester hours are accepted in transfer and applied toward the degree from community colleges, and up to 90 semester hours from four-year colleges and universities. A maximum of 90 semester hours transfer (community college + four-year colleges/ universities) will be applied toward the required 124 semester hours.
  2. Each academic department will determine the number of hours accepted toward the major and minor from other institutions. Therefore, acceptance of a course in transfer does not automatically indicate acceptance of the course toward a major or minor.
  3. Only four (4) semester hours in Physical Education, Health, and Recreation courses can be applied toward the 124 semester hours required for the degree.
  4. Courses required for the major/minor and courses in the major/minor will not be accepted in transfer unless a grade of “C” or better has been earned. Therefore, in some cases, a change in major / minor could alter this evaluation.
  5. Dominican University participates in the IAI Curriculum. Transfer students will be required to complete LA&S Seminars at Dominican University.
  6. Students who’ve earned credits from a non-accredited institution may receive up to thirty (30) semester hours of transfer credit after they’ve earned thirty (30) semester hours in residence at Dominican University.
Note: Dominican University reserves the right to make changes, deletions and additions to this listing.
I. Foundation Requirements
  • English Composition I and II
  • Mathematics 
  • One Year of a Foreign Language
  • Computer Applications
  • Information Literacy Workshop
    (Must be taken at Dominican)

II. Area Studies (one course in each area)

  • Fine Arts 
  • History (except U.S. History) 
  • Literature 
  • Natural Science
  • Philosophy 
  • Social Science  
  • Theology
  • Multicultural Course*

*A course dealing with the experiences, traditions, beliefs, arts and culture of a third world and/or non-Western country.

III. Liberal Arts and Sciences Seminars (must be taken at Dominican University)**

  • Freshman Seminar- "Dimensions of the Self"
  • Sophomore Seminar- "Community, Culture and Diversity"
  • Junior Seminar- "Technology, Work and Leisure"
  • Senior Seminar- "Virtues and Values"
** Transfer students begin with the seminar that corresponds to their academic level at the time of transferring.
Students interested in transferring to Dominican University can contact the Office of Admission at (708) 524-6800 or (800) 828-8475 or email morsomike@dom.edu regarding the transfer of any course not listed.

Current Dominican University students interested in taking courses off campus should contact the Office of the Registrar at (708) 524-6805 or email jmorehead@dom.edu.

A pdf version of our Transfer Credit Approval form is available on the Registrar page.