Who Answers My 9-1-1 Call?
Your 911 call is routed by the phone company, to the Public Safety Answering Point at the Village of River Forest Police Department Emergency Communications Specialist.



When should you call 911? Calls to 911 should be reserved for emergencies such as:

Any type of fire (structure, vehicle, brush, etc.)

Any crime in-progress (robbery, burglary, prowler, fights, etc.)

Any other life threatening situations (traffic accident with injuries, etc.)

A serious medical emergency (chest pains, seizures, bleeding, etc.)

As always use your best judgment!


How to Report a Crime or Emergency In an emergency

Stay calm

Act quickly

Call for help from a safe place

Be prepared to give the following information

Building name

Room or apartment number

Street address

Nearby landmarks, if outdoors

Type of emergency

Fire: Report the type and size of fire

Medical: Report the type of illness or injury and any specific cause

Police/Security: Identify the crime or danger and give descriptions of
suspects and, if a vehicle is involved, its description and its direction of travel

Chemical: Identify the chemical involved, quantity, hazards, and injuries