The Assessment and Care Team is a collaborative committee of DU professionals who meets regularly to discuss the behavior of individuals about whom reports are received. After receiving reports, the ACT determines if any intervention is needed and monitors the intervention.

Why a ACT?


If   you witness any concerning behaviors (i.e. pattern of erratic or distributive behavior, drug and/or alcohol abuse, threat to personal safety, disturbing writings, etc.), this should prompt you to make a report.  In your report, please be as specific as possible when describing concerning behaviors. At any time, feel free to contact a member of t he ACT to discuss the best course of action if you are not sure what to do or if a report to the ACT is warranted  at (708) 524-6822 or via email at .
How do I report?
The form will prompt you to provide a narrative of the concerning behavior(s) you have witnessed.  The ACT members can be contacted personally if you wish to discuss your concern prior to submitting a report to the team.
If you are reporting an emergency, please notify Campus Safety or dial 911 IMMEDIATELY . 


Will I be contacted if I submit a concern?


Once the ACT receives a report, the team members will discuss the reported concern.  The ACT then creates a plan to monitor and/or intervene with the person of concern, and designates a contact person to implement the plan. At each ACT meeting, updates are shared with the team members about each case.