Student Health Insurance: Important Changes at Dominican

Dominican University strongly recommends students have health insurance, and reminds you that health insurance is a federal requirement with tax penalties for those who are not covered. Dominican University will not offer a student health insurance plan for domestic students. 

For uninsured, full time domestic students: In collaboration with Associated Insurance Plans, the Wellness Center will help undergraduate and graduate students find affordable individual health insurance. plans through through Medicaid for low income students (Under 16,000/yr) and Please make an appointment with Elizabeth Ritzman, who can help you more quickly enroll in a plan that fits your need.

Students who were on state insurance as children will need to apply on their own as adults, once they turn 19. The Wellness Center can help you find a place to do that. 

Please note, students can stay on parents health insurance plan until they are 26. 

For International F1, J1 visa students: International students with a F1 or J1 visa are required to have health insurance by the US State Department as a condition of their visa. The International Health Plan will meet this requirement and costs approximately $75 per month. You can enroll by contacting the Wellness Center or AIP at 800-452-5772. International Students can also waive this requirement using their existing insurance if it is equivalent. please go to for more information. 

For full time DACA or undocumented students: The International Health Plan is available to you and costs about $75 per month. You can enroll by contacting the Wellness Center or AIP at 800-452-5772.

Elizabeth Ritzman

Director, Wellness Center 

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