Q: I normally (a) make payment in full,  or (b) make payment in full after subtracting financial aid.  When is my payment due?
A: You will want to make your payment before the first day of class.  Accounts that are not paid in full will be charged a non-refundable $90 deferment fee.  Accounts will also be subject to a 1% fincance charge on the unpaid balance.

Q: I normally make my payments using the payment plan.  How do I sign up and when is my first payment due? 
A:  You will enroll in My Payment Plan (MPP) using the on-line payment system in MyDU.  Log into MyDU with your network username and password, go to the Student tab/My Student Account/Go to CASHNet.  The enrollment fee is $45 per semester and the first payment for fall is due August 5th.  The first payment for Spring is due on January 5th. Please contact the Student Accounts Office to discuss our summer payment options.
Q: I actually do not make a payment, due to my financial aid package (such as a full PLUS Loan or Private Loan). How will Student Accounts know I don't have to make a payment?

A: Please play it safe and send an email to Don't forget to double check with Financial Aid to make sure all of your paperwork is complete.


Q: What if I do not make proper financial arrangements?

A: Your class schedule may be dropped. You will then need to reregister, based on availability of classes. But again, please feel free to contact Student Accounts to discuss your situation.  Non-payment of tuition does not satisfy your responsibility to contact the Registrar's Office when dropping classes.


Q: Will I receive a bill if I register on or after the first day of classes?

A:  Bills are no longer being mailed but will be available to you in our CASHNet system.  You will receive an email notification to your Dominican email address that your eBill is ready to be viewed.  You will log into MyDU with your network username and password, go to Students, My Student Accounts and go to CASHNet.  You will see the link to your bill under "Your Bills".
Q:  I have a hold on my account and I need to register for more classes.  What do I need to do?

A:  Holds are placed on tuition accounts that require immediate attention.  Please contact Student Accounts at 708-524-6487 to discuss your situation.
Q:  I just registered for classes but have not filed and/or received my financial aid package.  Am I required to make a payment?
A:  Please contact the Student Accounts Office to go over your account.  Typically one-fifth of the outstanding balance is required as a good faith payment while we wait for your financial aid package to be completed.
Q:  Will I be charged extra fees if I do not pay my tuition in full by the first day of class?
A:   Yes, you will be charged a non-refundable $90 deferment fee if you do not pay in full or sign up for a payment plan.  You will receive an additional 1% finance charge each month your account remains outstanding.