Payments are due in full by the first day of class.  You will receive an email notification to your Dominican email address that your ebill is ready to be viewed.  Log into MyDU with your network username and password, go to Students, My Student Account and go to Transact.  On the Transact page you will see a portal on the right side called Your Bills and it is here you will find the link to your bill.  You will not be mailed a bill. 

Accounts that are not paid in full by the first day of class will be charged a non-refundable $90 deferment fee. Accounts are also subject to a 1% finance charge on past due balances.
If you are unable to pay in full, you can either initiate a payment plan or explore additional loan options through the Financial Aid Office.  Failure to make payment or to arrange a payment plan could result in the cancellation of classes.
Student Accounts offers two payment plans each semester.  The monthly semester payments are due August 5th-December 5th.  In the spring they are due January 5th-May 5th. The bi-weekly semester payments are due August 5th - December 21st.  In the spring they are due January 5th through May 21st.  
Please inquire with us if you plan to take classes in the summer and we can explain the summer payment plan. There is a $45 fee to enroll in the payment plan each semester.  Missed payments will result in a 1% monthly finance charge. 
You may use any of the forms of payment listed to make your monthly payments.
Credit Cards
Tuition payments can be made by using most major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express). Credit card payments can by made online by logging on to MyDU, going to the Student Tab, and then to My Student Accounts.  Credit card payments will be assessed a 2% convenience fee. 
Student Accounts accepts eChecks through our on-line portal.  You will find this by logging on to MyDU, going to the Student Tab and then to My Student Accounts.  There is no fee for processing an eCheck.
Convenience Checks
Convenience checks as provided by your card servicer, including Visa, will be accepted at the Stars Connect Office without any fees.
Wire Transfer
Contact Student Accounts for the bank information to wire your payment.
Company Reimbursement
Students that expect to receive company reimbursement need to turn in a letter from their company by the first day of class each semester.   It should explain the companies' policy and that the student is covered for the current semester. There is a $90 deferment fee charged to your account when you have company reimbursement.  Dominican expects payment within thirty (30) days of the receipt of grades and allows for only one semester to remain outstanding at any given time. Registration will not be permitted if two or more semesters remains outstanding.
In person payments can be made at the Stars Connect Office (Lewis 115) by cash, check or money order.
Parents who have a parent PIN and password can use the link below to make a payment.