What if I am planning a vacation during the summer?  We still encourage you to apply.  We understand that students may have vacation plans, internships, or other opportunities during the summer.  Our plan is to hire the best students, and we will try to work with other schedules as much as possible.  However, the hiring decision will include factors such as availability.
What if I am planning on taking classes during the summer?  This is a great opportunity to live and work on campus while attending class.  Again, we will try to work with the schedules for those students who are offered a position.
What if I am a returning Summer STARS/Torch leader?  Will I have to interview? You still need to review the positions descriptions as some changes have been made from previous years.  Returners will also need to complete the application, but will no longer be participating in the interview process. You will be contacted to set up an individual interview. Past inclusion in the program does not guarantee a future position.
What if I cannot make any of the group interview times because of class conflict? After you submit your application, please forward your class schedule reflecting the conflict to Mark Carbonara at mcarbonara@dom.edu.  If your application is chosen for an interview, the committee will contact you to schedule an alternate interview opportunity.