Housing Contract - terms and conditions 2019-20

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Housing Contract 2019-20

Office of Student Life (708) 524-6527

Dominican University

7900 West Division Street

River Forest, IL 60305


Dominican University

Office of Student Life Housing Application

Terms of Contract and Conditions of Occupancy


Thank you for your interest in living in the residence halls at Dominican University. Please read these terms of contract and conditions of occupancy carefully before you complete the Office of Student Life Housing Application. The university reserves the right to revise the housing application and terms of contract and conditions of occupancy without notice.  Prices are subject to change.


Keep these terms of contract and conditions of occupancy for your reference.  The application deposit is $200 for new students (this includes incoming first-years and new transfer) and $50 for returning students. This deposit is separate from the tuition deposit and acts as an advance payment of room and board charges. The housing application and deposit must be submitted concurrently. The application is not complete and will not be processed until both are received and verified. The deposit is non-refundable, and the contract is binding after the following dates:


Fall Semester             June 1, 2019 

Spring Semester         December 1, 2019 (if applying for spring semester only)


The term of this contract is for one academic year (fall and spring semesters). Both room and board (meal plan) are included. All on-campus residents must purchase a meal plan. For the purposes of this contract, “student” refers to a full-time Dominican University resident student.  All students must be enrolled full-time and maintain full-time enrollment for the semester/academic year for which they are applying before housing may be assigned.  For undergraduate students, 12 credit hours are necessary for full-time status; nine hours are required for graduate students.


If you have any questions or need more information, please contact the Office of Student Life Housing staff at (708) 524-6217 or


I. Occupancy

A. The student’s right to occupy the space assigned will begin no earlier than 9:00 a.m. on August 23, 2019, and extend to 24 hours after students last final exam is complete.  Students involved in Candle and Rose and/or commencement ceremonies may be permitted to stay until 5:00 p.m. on May 10, 2020.


B. Students are not permitted to stay in the residence halls between semesters.  Students must vacate the halls within 24 hours of their last final exam, no later than noon on December 14, 2019 for the fall semester, and May 9, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. in the spring.


C. University and/or Student Life staff may periodically enter in students’ rooms and living spaces for appropriate university purposes.  Prior notice does not need to be given.


D. All students are required to provide emergency contact information.


E. A student’s meal plan for the entire academic year is chosen at the time of the application. Any student who wishes to alter his or her meal plan must notify Dining Services at (708) 524–6446 or at within the first three weeks of the semester.


F. All students proposing to live in a Murray Hall suite together must have a cumulative GPA of 2.75 at the time of application (and maintain a cumulative 2.75 GPA throughout the academic year); agree to be substance-free (no use of alcohol, illegal drugs, or tobacco) if living on the 3rd or 4th floor of Murray. The suites must be kept at required full occupancy at all times.


G. All students must follow a care plan, if administered one, by the Dean of Students and/or one of her/his designees. Students failing to adhere to a care plan are subject to dismissal from the residence halls and other possible disciplinary actions.


H. Students who plan to live in the halls during the Spring semester must be registered full time at the end of Fall semester to return to their room.


II. Assignment of Room Space

A. The student agrees that the occupied room space will be assigned by the Office of Student Life. The Office of Student Life will attempt to give students their preference of room.


B. The Office of Student Life agrees to make room assignments in accordance with the following criteria and in the order of importance set forth below:


1. Preference in assignments is given to students returning to the residence halls in order of class status, as determined by credit hours earned at the time of application, not including currently enrolled credits. Within each class group assignment preference is based on a random number. Commuter students will enter the process after all returning and first year students have been assigned a room.


First-year students are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, based upon the date of a completed housing application, which includes a paid housing deposit. Students are not guaranteed on-campus housing, regardless of class status.


2. Dominican University is committed to placing as many first-year students with roommates as possible.


3. A student may provide a request for assignment of a specific roommate, which may be honored upon mutual request. Roommate contact information will be shared with all necessary parties.


C. The Office of Student Life reserves the right to reassign students at any time.


D. All students must comply with all policies and procedures as stated in the Student Handbook and other standards of conduct established in other university materials and/or publications.


E. Murray suites must always maintain their full capacity. Should a suite drop below capacity, the remaining residents will have two weeks from the date they drop below capacity to have a new student move in. Should a suite sustain a vacancy for longer than two weeks, those students may be reassigned.


III. Facilities and Room Space


A.    Students will be provided furniture for each room this includes but, is not limited to, a bed desk, chair, bureau and/or wardrobe. All furniture provided to the student must remain in the room at all times. All students will have access to use the lounge areas and passageways.


B. All university furniture must remain in its assigned room. Any furniture removed from a student’s room will result in fines of up to $50 per student.  Students will be responsible for the cost of any lost or damaged furniture. All furniture in students’ rooms upon arrival must be present when students depart, and rooms and furniture cannot be altered in any way or taken apart at any point. University staff cannot bunk or unbunk beds.


C. A student that has a documented disability with Disability Support Services may be approved to have a personal air conditioner if deemed a reasonable accommodation by DSS.  If a student is approved to have an air conditioner as a reasonable accommodation, they are responsible to provide their own air conditions and must not exceed 5000 BTU. A student’s assignment may be altered to accommodate his or her approved air-conditioning accommodation.


D. Dominican University is not responsible for students’ belongings, including, but not limited to, damage from vandalism, theft, water, and fire. The university strongly encourages students to investigate parents’ or guardians’ homeowners’ insurance coverage or buy their own renter’s insurance.


E. The last date to dispute any charges accrued from residence hall closing is February 15, 2019, for winter closing and June 15, 2020 for spring closing.


IV. Voluntary Termination

The housing application is a binding agreement. The terms of this contract and conditions for occupancy are for one academic year (from August 23, 2019 to May 9, 2020). The student must fill out the contract cancellation form online to break the contract.


A. Incoming first-year and transfer students may cancel their contract without paying the $375 contract-breakage fee if they cancel by August 22, 2019.


B. For Spring 2020, any resident students who cancel their housing contracts prior to December 1, 2019 will pay no penalty.  A $100 late fee will be charged to students who cancel their contracts between December 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019.  A $200 late fee will be charged to students who cancel their contracts between January 1, 2020, and January 14, 2020.   After January 14, 2020 regular cancellation fees apply, according to the tuition refund schedule outlined on the Student Accounts page.


C. Students will be charged for room and board expenses up until the time of check-out, not the time the housing contract cancellation is submitted.


D. Any student who fails to comply with the outlined contract cancellation and/or check-out procedures may be subject to an improper checkout fee.


Voluntary Termination and Refunds – When the Student Accounts office has received notice of withdrawal from the Office of Student Life, room and board charges will be charged according to the schedule shown below.

a. Notification of cancellation up until first week of classes: $375 contract breakage fee

b. Notification during second week:               20% Room and Board charge

c. Notification during third week:                    40% Room and Board charge

d. Notification during fourth week:                  60% Room and Board charge

e. Notification during fifth week:                     80% Room and Board charge

f. Notification after fifth week:                         100% Room and Board charge


Please note housing deposit is non-refundable.


V. Involuntary Termination

A. The university may terminate this contract should any of the following conditions be met (additional charges may apply):


1. The student is no longer enrolled as a full-time student at the university.


2. The student fails to pay current room and board charges as shown on billing.


3. The student fails to discharge all previous indebtedness to the university two weeks prior to the contract start date.


4. The student violates any current provision in the Code of Conduct published in the Student Handbook or other standards of conduct that may appear in other university literature or any other regulation or university policy that is deemed harmful to the general welfare of the university. In such case, the student will still be responsible for any remaining room and board charges after removal.


5. The student fails or refuses to admit an officer or agent of the university for an inspection or search of the room conducted pursuant to the room entry and search policies that appear in the Student Handbook or otherwise undertaken in conformity with law or with the direction or order issued by and within the authority of any office of the university.


6. The student habitually fails to maintain his or her assigned room space in a reasonable state of cleanliness and order.


7. The student fails to check in with the Office of Student Life to claim the room space assignment by noon on the first day of classes of each term.


8. The occurrence of events which are beyond the reasonable control of the university render performance by the university either impossible or impractical.


B. The university reserves the right to require students to withdraw from the residence halls if their physical or emotional status requires more care or support than can be provided by the university. The decision to require withdrawal from housing will be made at the discretion of the Director of Student Life (or his/her designee(s)) in consultation with appropriate university administrators.


C. Upon notice to the student, the Director of Student Life (or his/her designee(s)) may terminate this contract for any such breach of contract described above, regardless of any action or inaction taken by the Office of Student Life. The student agrees that upon written notice of involuntary termination of the contract, the student will vacate the room within a period of time to be specified by the Director of Student Life and will pay all charges deemed by the university to be due.


D. If, in the sole discretion of the university, matters beyond its control have made it impossible to continue effective instruction on the campus and the majority of campus activities are suspended, the Office of Student Life may terminate this contract at any time after such activities are suspended. In such case, students will become entitled to a refund or credit equal to that portion of room and board charges representing the cost of the residence hall operation that will be saved because of such termination.


Housing at Dominican University


The residence halls serve as an extension of your academic community. As a member of the Dominican University residential community, you will have many opportunities to enjoy the living environment, which is designed to enhance your growth and development. We will make every effort to help you feel at home while you live in the residence halls. Opportunities exist for you to participate in the Resident Student Association (RSA), intramurals, service activities, and study groups. Like most experiences, the more you put into your life in the residence halls, the more you will gain.


Most incoming first-year students live in double rooms in Murray or Coughlin Halls. Murray, Coughlin, Mazzuchelli, and Power Halls are located on the Main Campus at 7900 West Division Street in River Forest. All rooms come with a bed, desk, chair, bureau and/or wardrobe, cable television port, and wifi internet access.


Coughlin Hall

Coughlin Hall has mostly double-occupancy and some single-occupancy rooms. The bathrooms are community-style bathrooms. The first floor is an all-female floor.


Mazzuchelli Hall

Mazzuchelli Hall has single-occupancy rooms. The bathrooms are community style bathrooms. Mazzuchelli is an all-female floor.


Murray Hall

Murray Hall features double-room clusters (two double rooms sharing a common bath) and suite-style living options. Rooms include air conditioning. The suites come with common area furniture for the living rooms, as well as a sink, refrigerator, and microwave in the kitchen. There are lounges and laundry facilities on the second, third, and fourth floors. There is a community kitchen available to all residents on the first floor.


Power Hall

Power Hall has single-, double- and triple-occupancy rooms. There are community-style bathrooms.  A community lounge with cable television is located on each floor.


For more information, contact the Office of Student Life Housing staff at (708) 524-6217 or


Dominican University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, national or ethnic origin, disability, age, marital status or sexual orientation.



Room Dimensions

Room sizes vary. Dimensions are given in width-by-length format.

Mattress size: single/twin 36” x 76/80” (different sizes - random)

Mattress sizes vary in each room.  It is recommended measurements are made at move in and purchases be made later.



Coughlin Hall

Single room: 14' x 8'4"

Double room: 11'5" x 14'

Closet: 2'8" x 6'; depth 1'10"

Window: 2'7" x 5'3"


Mazzuchelli Hall

Single room:   90-100 sq. feet

                        (dimensions vary)

Closet:             Various; depth 4'

Window:          4' x 7'


Murray Hall

Double cluster room: 170-180 sq. feet (dimensions vary)

Suite bedrooms:

(single or double) 160-170 sq. feet (dimensions vary)

Closet:             8'4" x 10'; depth 2'

Window:          2'3" x 5'9"


Power Hall

Single room:  8' x 12'

Double room: 12' x 13'

Triple room:  19'3" x 16'4"

Closet: 4' x 6'; depth 1'10"

Window: 4' x 7'



Items to Consider Bringing

The following lists are not exhaustive or universal.  Talk to your roommate to determine who is going to bring the larger items on this list so you do not have duplicates.

alarm clock

area rugs

bedding: sheets, blankets, comforter

cleaning supplies

compact tool kit

crates/plastic storage boxes


DVD player


first aid kit




iron/ironing board

laundry basket

laundry detergent

mini-fridge and/or microwave



power strip


school supplies backpack

sewing kit

shower caddy

shower shoes





trash can


Items Not Allowed for Safety/Health Reasons

Air conditioners

any appliance that requires more than 120 volts, 60 hertz, or 2.5 amps

any appliance with an exposed heating element

any tobacco product

candle warmer


coffee makers

electric skillets/broilers 

fog machines

George Foreman grills

halogen lamps


indoor grills


space heaters

toasters/hot plates 

weapons; ammunition


Important Documents

Social Security card for student employment

emergency contact information

insurance information