Students have an opportunity to have an active role in the Candle and Rose ceremony by being selected to have a speaking role. 
The following speaking roles are available:
Master of Ceremonies - a student is selected that will introduce the various aspects of the ceremony.  A script will be available at the audition if you are interested in this role.
Invocation - a student will be selected to offer an opening prayer.  The student must submit a copy of the prayer they wrote at the time of the audition.
Speeches - two to five students are selected to offer a personal reflection.  A speech should be three to five minutes in length.  A copy of the speech must be submitted at the audition.  Students that are selected to give a speech may be asked to shorten/edit the speech.  A speech should not be a personal list of thank yous.
If you are considering auditioning to give a speech here are some prompts to assist you:
            How have your experiences at Dominican - academic, spiritual, social - changed  you?
            What are your fondest and most significant memories of Dominican -not only personal, but those shared with others?
            How have your experiences at Dominican prepared you for the "real world"?   
            How have you embraced the mission and motto of the university as a student?
            How will you continue to live the mission after graduation?
Exchange of the Candle and Rose - a senior and the rose will assist in the facilitation of the Candle and Rose exchange through reading the meaning of the symbols.  A script will be provided at the audition.
Benediction - a senior will be selected to offer a closing prayer.  A copy of the prayer must be submitted to the selection committee at the audition.
All students that are interested in any of the above speaking roles will need to audition.  Auditions will be in March.