Project Requests

To initiate a project, please email and include the following information in your initial request. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response. Note that OMC prioritizes enrollment-focused projects and may need to shift the timeline of your project based on existing workload. 

Project name: 

Project type (event promotion, flyer, email, etc): 

Project description: 

Audience (undergraduate, graduate): 

Project deadline (please allow at least three weeks from initial request for a proof): 

Budget (if applicable): 

For web-specific requests related to, please submit a Support Center ticket

Branding Guidelines

Policies and guidelines. The Dominican Brand Guidelines Manual is your go-to resource for information on how to correctly utilize our logos, colors and other graphic elements. Please adhere to these guidelines for all printed collateral as well as online platforms including websites, blogs and social media. University communicators and external consultants are required to follow our graphic identity in all communication. Access the manual and it's associated elements below:

ZOOM Virtual Backgrounds

When you can’t come to campus, have campus come to you. With many of us shifting to virtual meetings and classes via Zoom, virtual backgrounds allow us to have a piece of our beautiful campus with us wherever we are. Click on the zip files below to download and browse the options. Save your favorite scenes and look for instructions on how to customize your background at the end of this section. 

ZOOM VIrtual

ZOOM VIrtual (photo only) 

How to use a virtual background in Zoom

Find full instructions here. Note that this feature is not available on some computers. 

Business Cards and Notepads

Dominican University full-time faculty and staff can click here to order business cards. If you close your browser while working on your order, you will need to restart your business card order. For your security, all items placed in a shopping cart or during the design process when a browser is closed will be deleted. You must consult your department chair, dean or director to determine if you are eligible to receive business cards and/or stationery.

Official Letterhead (Pre-printed and E-letterhead)

If you’re sending official correspondence, please use official branded pre-printed or e-letterhead. This is available at the school and divisional level. Per our branding standards, we do not create letterhead at the program or department level. Please find the correct e-letterhead template below for your area. If you need pre-printed letterhead, please see below for ordering instructions. If you have existing pre-printed letterhead that lists the retired tagline, Where Learning Demands More, please feel free to use it up. But once you need to reorder, please use the updated format without the tagline listed. 


Pre-printed letterhead

Full-time faculty and staff can order pre-printed letterhead here. If you have existing pre-printed letterhead that lists the retired tagline, Where Learning Demands More, please feel free to use it up. But once you need to reorder, please use the updated format without the tagline listed. 


Formal logotypes are available at the college, school, and administrative office level. We do not brand at the program or unit level. Programs or units should brand up to their related school/college or administrative office. Approved logos are available in Dominican blue, white or black. Do not alter or attempt to recreate these elements in any way. Always use approved artwork. You can find all filetypes and colors of our approved administrative and academic logos on the Logo Downloads page to the left. 

Video Resources

Dominican's promotional videos are housed on Vimeo for internal use. To download a video for a presentation or social media post, please click on the video you'd like to showcase, then download using the arrow button on the righthand side of the screen. If you'd like to link directly to a video for a prospective student audience, please locate it on our YouTube channel. Questions? Please contact Ryan Pagelow at

Dominican's Vimeo Profile

Dominican's YouTube channel

PPT templates

Giving a presentation and not sure where to start? We’ve developed PowerPoint templates to help you create branded presentations. Download the one you prefer below. Check back for more new templates, coming soon! 





OMC_PPT_DU_theme3_Blue with Gold Bar.pptx 



Go ahead and order that awesome mug or T-shirt, but don’t manipulate or distort the Dominican University logo and stay true to the brand voice. All brand guidelines apply to swag just as they do printed material. The logo can get complicated in small spaces, so you might need to use the secondary line logo in select placements. We don’t regulate these items, but Marketing & Communications is happy to review your promotional item. We also don’t place orders, but we recommend the following vendors, who are established with the university – it’s good to get an estimate from multiple vendors before committing to an order. 

Blue Sky: Ginny Siegel,

Elite: Brian Wilmsmeyer,

Custom Promos: Johnny,

Newport Promos: Dona Blunt,

Knock Knock: Paul,

Email Signature Guidelines

Do keep it simple, including only essential information in three to eight lines.

Do use common fonts such as Helvetica, Calibri, or Arial, sized 12–14 points. Other fonts may not display correctly.

Do use a single color, such as black or dark gray.

Do include simple URLs (without “http://www”).

Do include social media links in plain text without icons.

Don’t include logos or graphics; they increase file size and appear as attachments.

Don’t include vCARDS; they increase file size and appear as attachments.

Don’t include taglines or quotes; they may be perceived as university wide statements.

Social Media Strategy & Profile Templates: Coming Soon

It’s important that Dominican has a consistent look and feel across social media. But we still want to leave room for our schools, colleges, centers, offices, and departments to represent what makes them unique. Your profile picture on each platform must adhere to brand guidelines. You can find downloadable options here -- along with a variety of campus images for your cover photos. 

Check back for our Social Media Strategy, which includes channel-specific strategies, crisis communications guidelines and additional information. 

Facebook Cover

Twitter Cover

Facebook and Twitter Profile

Go First Graphic Elements: Freelancer Packet

The below package of graphic elements can be provided to a freelance graphic designer for integration into their work. Please direct them to pages 44-48 in the Brand Guidelines Manual and the samples enclosed in the folder below for details on how best to utilize these elements.