Satisfactory-Fail Regulations
  • A student may elect four academic courses on the satisfactory-fail basis during the four years of college, with no more than two in an academic year.
  • A student who receives a passing grade of C- or above for these courses will receive credit for the courses, but the grade point average will not be affected. However, a grade of “F” will be counted when computing the grade point average.
  • A student who requests to have a course graded on the satisfactory-fail basis may not alter this request once it is made, nor may a student make this request after the first two weeks (first 10 class days) of the semester.
  • Each department may require its own majors to take certain courses within the department under the usual grading system. Therefore, check with your advisor before taking a required course on the satisfactory-fail basis.
  • For students entering Dominican University beginning Fall 2004, the satisfactory-fail option cannot be used for courses presented to fulfill requirements in the student’s major or minor field, liberal arts and sciences seminars, area studies, or courses with the Education or Special Education prefix.

The satisfactory-fail form is only available in the Registrar's Office during the first two weeks (first 10 class days) of each semester. 
If you are interested in taking a course satisfactory-fail, please stop by the office at this time to fill out a form.  We are located in Lewis Hall, Room 115.