How do I indicate my intent and apply to graduate?  

Prior to registering for classes, if your earned hours indicate that you are within a year of completing degree requirements, you will need to answer a question about when you plan to graduate. The Graduation Intent question asks you to indicate whether you intend to complete the requirements of your program of study in the coming year: the upcoming spring semester, the summer semester, or fall semester. If you indicate that you plan to finish in the semester/term for which you are registering, you will receive an email with a link to the online graduation application.  Following submission of your graduation application and registration for your final semester, our office will conduct a graduation audit and you will be notified, through your Dominican email account, if there are any deficiencies that impede your ability to graduate.  If you are eligible to graduate, based on earned and currently enrolled coursework, a "Prospective Graduate" hold will be placed on your account and you can assume that you are on track to confer your degree.

The graduation application is a requirement to earn a degree.  The intent question helps us identify students that need access to the online application.  The intent question also helps us to send links to the application and courtesy reminders to apply.  Declaring intent IS NOT the same as applying for graduation.

Graduation Information Sheet

What is a graduation audit?
Your academic record is thoroughly examined in the Office of the Registrar to determine if you will have completed all courses required for your degree by the end of your final term (based on earned and currently enrolled coursework).  Your record will be reviewed to identify anything that may be missing from your core curriculum requirements, major and minor requirements, or total credit requirement. Based on the results of your graduation audit, one of the following holds will be placed on your account; see below.  Graduation audits are typically completed by the add/drop deadline of your final semester.  This allows students time to make schedule changes within the add/drop period if any deficiencies are found.  Students are encouraged to submit graduation applications early in the period between advance registration and the first day of classes to ensure their audit will be complete before the add/drop deadline.  After your record has been audited and a hold has been placed on your account, you will no longer be able to add or drop courses online.  Any schedule changes must be completed using a paper add/drop/withdrawal form.
Graduation Holds
GX = Prospective Graduate (you are tentatively on track to graduate)
GD = Prospective Graduate/Deficient (a deficiency must be resolved to be eligible to graduate)
GI = Prospective Graduate/Incomplete (an incomplete must be resolved to be eligible to graduate)
GT = Transfer Transcript Graduation (official transfer credit is needed  to be eligible to graduate)

Your audit is conducted using requirements of the Bulletin in effect at the time you began your studies at Dominican (or your declared bulletin).  It is in your Bulletin that you will find clearly outlined policies regarding residency, major fields of study, and transfer work.