What is a graduation audit?
Upon submission of the graduation application, your academic record is thoroughly examined in the Office of the Registrar to determine if you will have completed all courses required for your degree by the end of your final term (based on earned and currently enrolled coursework).  Your record will be reviewed to identify anything that may be missing from your core curriculum requirements, major and minor requirements, or total credit requirement. Based on the results of your graduation audit, one of the holds listed below will be placed on your account.  Graduation audits are typically completed by the add/drop deadline of your final semester.  This allows students time to make schedule changes within the add/drop period if any deficiencies are found.  Students are encouraged to submit graduation applications by August 16, 2024 at the very latest for the fall term.
Graduation Holds
GX = Prospective Graduate (you are tentatively on track to graduate.  Add/drop/withdrawal form is required for any schedule change)
GD = Prospective Graduate/Deficient (a deficiency must be resolved to be eligible to graduate, this warning will allow for on line adds in order to resolve deficiency)
GI = Prospective Graduate/Incomplete (an incomplete must be resolved to be eligible to graduate.  Add/drop/withdrawal form is required for any schedule change)
GT = Transfer Transcript Graduation (official transfer credit is needed to be eligible to graduate.  Add/drop/withdrawal form is required for any schedule change)

Your audit is conducted using requirements of the Bulletin in effect at the time you began your studies at Dominican (or your declared bulletin).  It is in your Bulletin that you will find clearly outlined policies regarding residency, major fields of study, and transfer work.

Honors degrees are awarded on the basis of the cumulative grade point average of all baccalaureate coursework.  If a student enters in or before the 2015-2016 academic year, they must complete a minimum of 62 credit hours at Dominican in order to qualify for these honors distinctions.  If a student enters in the 2016-2017 academic year or later, they must complete a minimum of 56 credit hours to qualify.
                   Latin Honors:                     Cumulative GPA:

                  Summa cum laude                      3.9000
                  Magna cum laude                       3.7000
                  Cum laude                                  3.5000

There is a $100 administrative graduation fee.

(administrative fees do not include costs associated with commencement ceremony)

Final payment of all fees (including administrative graduation fee) must be received to participate in the commencement ceremony, receive a copy of your diploma, or request transcripts

(Degrees are conferred regardless of financial obligation)

The graduation fee will be billed to your account in the fifth week of your final semester

Payment can be made by using either a credit card or electronic check through Cashnet.  Please contact the Student Accounts Office for payment questions.

Late Graduation Application

The online graduation application is only available after the submission deadline per special request.   The graduation application deadline is typically within a week before the start of your final term.  Request for a late application will incur a $25.00 late fee. 

The general graduation applications are available for students to complete online in the time period between advanced registration and the start of the semester students intend to graduate.  This time frame allows students the ability to make any changes that may be necessary in the event their is a deficiency found during the audit.