Fall and Spring Scheduling

Preliminary course scheduling for upcoming fall and spring courses is completed by department chairs/program directors in Schedule Builder, the web-based tool developed for this purpose (the Schedule Builder link is also available on the left-hand menu). The Office of the Registrar creates course sections for the upcoming fall and spring terms based on the previous year's schedules. Chairs/directors can then edit those offerings (days/times, instructors, delivery method, etc) using Schedule Builder before submitting them to their college for approval.

Chairs/directors can use the Course Offering Frequency report on this page for a count of how many sections of each course have been offered since the fall of 2019 (the report will be limited to the last four-years of courses once we we have enough data)--this report can only be viewed by users who are approved course editors in Schedule Builder. College-wide information about course offering frequency is available on this page using the links below. Given the length of those reports, it may be necessary to download the information in spreadsheet format to facilitate review of the data.

Deans can review a list of users set up for Schedule Builder access for their college using the SB Access link on this page.

The following documents are available in the Scheduling Documents section of this page and should be consulted by anyone who will be editing sections for the upcoming terms:

  • Instructions for using Schedule Builder, explaining how the program is used to update meeting times, location, delivery method, instructor, etc.
  • The Scheduling Parameters document should be consulted by department chairs/program directors for guidance on when things can scheduled, etc.
  • The Schedule Grid document provides a graphic representation of the established meeting patterns for day-time classes on the main campus. Please refer to the scheduling grid when selecting meeting times. 

Once scheduling is complete, use the Schedule Report to review the unpublished schedule for upcoming semesters. The report takes time to load and can either be viewable through the browser or run directly in spreadsheet format.



Summer Scheduling

Information about summer session dates is available on the Academic Calendar. Undergraduate courses are scheduled using the Course Offering form available on this page--completed forms should be submitted to registrar@dom.edu or dropped off in Lewis 129. Colleges offering graduate classes may submit their offerings to registrar@dom.edu via spreadsheets or email.