Withdrawal from class must be done formally through the Office of the Registrar. Failure to attend classes or merely giving notice to the instructor will not be regarded as an official notice of withdrawal. Forms are available in Lewis 115 or on the registrar's website; if you cannot come in to complete a form, written notice (submitted through the mail or via fax) will be accepted.
A student withdrawing from a class may be liable for part or all of the tuition depending on the date of withdrawal. Click here to review the current refund schedule.
Undergraduate students who do not attend any classes through the first ten class days of a fall or spring semester, who fail to withdraw from those classes, and who fail to respond to messages from the university, may be withdrawn from the semester by the Office of the Registrar: students will receive grades of WU: Unofficial Withdrawal on their transcripts for the semester, they will be liable for 20% of tuition for the courses from which they were withdrawn, and they will not be able to register for future semesters until they successfully petition their dean for reinstatement.