Auditing a class is an option if a student wants to sit in on a course but is not interested in earning credit. The student may be required to submit assignments and take examinations at the discretion of the instructor. Once the student has enrolled as an auditor in a course, no change in the registration to earn credit may be made. Individuals seeking to audit a course must secure the written permission of the instructor or department before registering.

Auditors may register from the first day of class (but not earlier) through the add deadline. No auditor may hold a place in the class if needed for a credit student. Auditing is not permitted in independent/directed study or other courses as designated by the appropriate school.

To register as an auditor, a student needs to complete a registration form, have it signed by the instructor no earlier than the first class meeting, and submit the signed form to the Stars Connect office before the add/drop deadline for the term.

Information on tuition and fees for auditing is available from Student Accounts

While tuition charges will initially be applied to your account, the tuition charges will be manually adjusted after add/drop (see Academic Calendar for details).