Important Information

  • Final examinations take place in the regularly scheduled classroom.
  • Final examination times are assigned according to the common meeting pattern listed in the schedule of classes.
    • For classes with multiple meeting patterns, the standard meeting pattern (usually the first meeting listed in the schedule) determines when the exam is held.
    • For hybrid classes or other classes that meet less than indicated above (e.g. MW instead of MWF; 1:00-1:50 instead of 1:00-2:15), use the meeting pattern above that encompasses the meetings listed in the class schedule
    • Contact the Office of the Registrar for exam times of sections whose meeting times are not listed below.
  • Please report any conflicts to the Office of the Registrar.

Instructors make the final determination as to whether or not an examination will be given. This final examination schedule includes all undergraduate courses. Please see the individual instructor for verification of a final examination requirement.

As noted in the Faculty Handbook, "The Registrar schedules and publishes the times of the final examinations in the class schedule." Changes in the schedule may not be made by individual faculty.  In fairness to students and other instructors, a faculty member should not administer a final examination (or its equivalent) during the last week of classes in a semester.