Registration Agreement

The first time you attempt to register for a given term, you must first review the registration agreement (a copy of which appears below) and agree to the conditions before you can proceed with online registration.

  • Payment of tuition and other fees becomes your obligation as soon as you register for classes. This obligation remains until the debt is paid in full or until you officially withdraw from the college within the refund period. The University reserves the right to make schedule changes or changes in modality that are necessary due to any unforseen event or circumstances beyond their control. 
  • Nonpayment of tuition and fees and nonattendance of classes does not constitute official withdrawals from Dominican University. Withdrawal from Dominican University can only be accomplished by completing the online Add/Drop or Withdrawal processes and submitting the forms to Stars Connect by the appropriate deadlines
  • All financial obligations are due in full by the first day of your class. If you are unable to pay in full, arrangements must be made with the Student Accounts Office. 
  • If you leave Dominican University with an unpaid balance, Dominican University reserves the right to seek collection of your account. This includes assessing reasonable legal and collection fees to your account, assigning your account to an external collection firm, and reporting your account to national credit bureaus.
  • You will not have access to your diploma and/or transcripts until all financial obligations have been met.
  • If you feel the debt on your account is not valid you can file a dispute within 60 days of the first statement that contained the mistake.  Please send all disputes to the Student Accounts Office at
  • Undergraduate students registered for 12 or more hours are required to document their health insurance; those who do not will be enrolled in and charged for Dominican University's Student Health Insurance Plan. If you have existing health insurance coverage, medicaid, county care, or another plan for paying your medical expenses, you must complete the Waiver Form. Existing coverage will be verified.
Withdrawal from class must be done formally through the Stars Connect office. Failure to attend classes or merely giving notice to the instructor will not be regarded as an official notice of withdrawal. Forms are available in Lewis 115 or on the myDU website; if you cannot come in to complete a form, written notice (submitted through the mail or via fax) will be accepted.


A student withdrawing from a class may be liable for part or all of the tuition depending on the date of withdrawal. Click here to review the current refund schedule.
Undergraduate students who do not attend any classes through the first ten class days of a fall or spring semester, who fail to withdraw from those classes, and who fail to respond to messages from the university, may be withdrawn from the semester by the Office of the Registrar: students will receive grades of WU: Unofficial Withdrawal on their transcripts for the semester, they will be liable for 20% of tuition for the courses from which they were withdrawn, and they will not be able to register for future semesters until they successfully petition their dean for reinstatement.



I understand that information about my rights under FERPA is available by following this link, and I further understand that this serves as my annual notification of my rights as required by FERPA.


I understand that I can register for no more than one section of a course. If I register in advance for more than one semester (e.g. summer and fall), this restriction applies across semesters (if registered in one section of ENGL 102 in summer semester, I may not also be registered for a section of ENGL 102 in the fall semester). 

I agree to abide by the Waitlist policy and acknowledge that the policy allows me to waitlist for no more than one section of a course in a given term. I further understand that:
  • I can be enrolled in no more than one section of a course and on the waitlist for no more than one other section (if I am registered in advance for more than one semester, this restriction applies across semesters)
  • for LAS seminars, this rule applies to the entire level (e.g. I can register for one 200-level seminar and waitlist for no more than one other 200-level seminar)
  • if I am on the waitlist for a section of a course that is in a cross-listed relationship with other course section, I may not also add myself to the waitlist of one of those crosslisted course sections
  • this restriction does not apply to variable topics courses – different courses that use the same numbers – that are designated as such in the course description

I also acknowledge that if I am waitlisted for more than one section of a course (as outlined above), I will be dropped from the waitlist(s) of all but the last (i.e. most recent) section for which I waitlisted.

I understand that it is my responsibility to monitor my Dominican email account for questions from the Office of the Registrar regarding my schedule and for information on whether I have been enrolled into a section from the waitlist.