bikeDU is a 1st generation bike-sharing system.

In other words, DU bikes can be checked-out from one of the Welcome and Information Desk sites when you want one and gone when you don't.

Just show your DU ID, get assigned a bike, and get to where you're going.    
It’s powered by the best alternative fuel: U.

Pollution, traffic, and rising oil costs are just a few of the reasons why urban transportation needs a face-lift. bikeDU is easy, no-cost to you, and sets you free from your car and promotes a healthy lifestyle especially for errands in and around the area.

The wide neighborhood streets of Oak Park/River Forest allow for more enjoyable commutes without the stresses of high levels of traffic and commotion.  


It’s for people on the go.

bikeDU was built to promote alternative ways to getting around. Whether you’re grabbing coffee or commuting from one campus to the other, bikeDU is a quick, and easy alternative to being stuck in a car, walking to and from hot spots around campus, or waiting for the shuttle.