Loan refunds will not be available until after the last day for add/drop in the fall, spring and summer. Refund checks are only cut on Tuesday and Thursday and will be mailed to the address you currently have in the system.  It is important that you verify the address the Registrar has on file so you receive your refund check in a timely manner.  
We strongly encourage you to sign up for eRefund through Transact because it will expedite the processing of your refund.  We will process eRefunds on Tuesday and Thursday each week and the funds will deposited directly into your checking or savings account.  You only need to enroll in eRefund one time but you will need to update your banking information in Transact if anything changes with your bank or your account.
Student Accounts can only process a refund for you if your loans are posted to your tuition account and you have a credit balance.