Graduation Application vs. Commencement Application

Graduation Applications are submitted prior to your final semester to determine eligibility for degree conferral. 

These applications should not be confused with commencement participation.  

An Application for participation in commencement will be available at a later date when commencement information is available.

Graduation Applications for Summer

Applications for Summer will open in Early February.  Students who declared intent for summer completion will be sent an email to apply for graduation with the correct link.  

Students who apply for summer graduation will be invited to participate in a May commencement.  




All undergraduate and graduate students expecting to complete their degree requirements during the Spring semester must file a graduation application by January 4, 2021.  This submission triggers an audit of the student’s academic record to confirm eligibility for degree conferral by the end of the term.

In order to access graduation applications for online submission through the links below, you must be logged into myDU with your username and password. 

Application links below are not accessible unless you are logged into myDU!






Dominican holds one commencement ceremony each year to which we invite all prospective graduates to join the Dominican University community for the Spring Commencement Ceremony. 


At this time, it is too soon to know if public health conditions will allow for large public gatherings in May.  We will continue monitoring state and local guidelines in the coming months, and will post plans for in-person or alternative commencement ceremonies on the commencement web page as they become available.  


Academic Policy Regarding Participation in a Commencement Ceremony

  • Participation in a Commencement ceremony does not represent satisfactory completion of all degree requirements. Students do not receive an official diploma or have access to their official transcript signifying graduation, until all course requirements have been fulfilled.
  • A student may participate in only one Commencement ceremony and his or her name will appear only in the printed program for that ceremony, even if the degree is completed and conferred at a later date.
  • Students participating in a Commencement ceremony before all degree requirements have been met will not be recognized for Latin honors during that ceremony.
  • This policy governs academic conditions for participating in commencement ceremonies. Other conditions—including, for example, student accounts—may also apply.

Undergraduate Students Only!

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Graduate Students Only!

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