Goal 1:  Size, Scope and Character
To continue the university’s transformation from a single-campus, undergraduate college to a premier, comprehensive, multi-site university.
Goal 2:  Mission & Identity
To enhance and sustain our self-understanding as a Catholic Dominican university dedicated to the traditions of contemplation, rigorous study, compassionate service and commitment to justice.
Goal3:  Academic Excellence
To advance Dominican’s commitment to excellence through diversity by translating into practice the university’s four academic priorities—global citizenship, civic engagement, Interdisciplinary/integrative studies, collaborative research — across all academic units and programs in ways that resonate with mission.

Goal 4: Academic Reputation

To enhance and make visible the high-quality work of faculty and students, as well as the university’s collaborative engagement with civic and academic partners, through the development, support and promotion of distinctive academic initiatives and programs.
Goal 5: Engagement
Part A - To create and support a campus culture of investment that involves students in shared leadership, holistic development and service to others.
Part B - To enhance alumnae/i more fully in the life and work of the university, from their earliest experience with Dominican University and throughout their lives.
Goal 6:  Capacity
To identify the full cost of current operations and strategic priorities in order to provide the university with financial security and flexibility for the future.