This plan will support the University Strategic Plan for the next five years. The intent is that this plan will not just inform the IT Department’s operating plan, but will also be integrated into and brought to life by various departments’ operating plans.

Vision & Goals

Dominican University will apply technology to enhance teaching and learning, improve the student experience, and build community through communication.
Goal 1 – Technology for Teaching and Learning
To identify, develop, and support learning environments and teaching practices that integrate emerging technologies necessary for students, faculty and staff who aspire to become twenty-first century learners and leaders within multiple communities.

Goal 2 –An Information Culture
To secure, organize and disseminate the data necessary to create a culture of informed decision-making while safeguarding personal information.

Goal 3 – Primacy of the Web
To make optimum use of online opportunities including a vibrant, content-rich and user-empowering Dominican University web site, web content (such as a central calendar) that enriches community life as well as web-centered services and administrative processes. 

Goal 4 – Communications
To utilize technology to advance and support the Dominican University communication plan to strengthen interpersonal relationships, enhance community and ensure the delivery of timely, accurate, and useful information.

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