Our Mission:
The Welcome and Information Desk strives to enlighten, excite, and educate guests, students, staff, faculty, and the Sisters of Dominican University through compassionate service.
Our Vision:
The Welcome and Information Desk is a culture defined by un-wavering commitment to service. The WID Agent is focused on providing efficient service and creating memorable experiences by making emotional connections with the community of Dominican University.
The successful WID agent will have a friendly, welcoming attitude, and professionalism with everyone. WID Empowerment – the WID encourages each student employee to live out the credo: "If you see something, say / do something".
  • All WID student staff members will successfully complete the (4) phases of Training: 1) Orientation, 2) One-on-One Training, 3) WID Assesment, and 4) WID capstone to earn a WID Certification for their position. In addition, on-going student staff development opportunities will be available to increase the WID Agent's professional competencies.
  • Promote information-sharing by completing WID Shift Summary Reports as well as learn how to effectively audit University Operations.
  • Participate in WID coaching sessions to facilitate continual learning and strengthen hospitality skills.
  • Employ the essential hospitality standards at all times: "Hello Principle" by verbally or nonverbally acknowledging anyone within 15 feet, eye contact, smile, speaking first, and engagement in polite conversation.
  • Strengthen WID's involvement at Dominican University through the engagement in various enterprises such as Student Staff Initiatives.
Our Values:
  • Placing our visitors/guests and Dominican community first
  • Supporting professionalism
  • Furthering our knowledge of Dominican University
  • Building connections
  • Expanding our services
Our WID Agents have put together a list of "Must-See" locations around campus for you to check-out.
  1. Founder's Court, exterior of Parmer Hall
  2. Rosary Chapel, second floor of Lewis Hall
  3. The Underground and "L" locations, lower level and first floor of Mazzuchelli
  4. Cyber Cafe, lower level of Crown Library
  5. Secret Garden, exterior of Priory campus
  6. Main Dining Hall, Mazzucchelli
  7. Noonan Reading Room, second floor of Mazzucchelli
  8. Great Hall, lower level of Priory Campus
  9. Community Garden, exterior of Priory Campus
  10. Priory Reading Room, first floor of Priory Campus

Review the Campus Map to get to your preferred destination at Dominican University.

Mary Sadofsky
7900 W. Division Street
Main Campus
(708) 488 - 5400
WID Intern:
Amanda Urdiales
WID Consultants:
Brianna Agron, Jessica Ruiz, Lesly Soto, Luis Vidal and Maria Zarco